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Debut Solo Album

“Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky”  full debut album was released May 20th, 2022 on Cleopatra Records and was awarded "Best Instrumental" and "Best Video" for the song "Weight Of Silence" at the Rock Music Alliance Awards presented by Tony Kaye from Yes.  


The 3rd "official" video/ single  "Giving Up The Ghost"  is a poignant, atmospheric, groove-laden, ballad that draws on personal moments creating an emotional and raw experience for listeners.


The  2nd single is fierce Prog/ Funk with a passionate call for the end of armed conflict, called "Throwin' Stones". Sounding very modern and unique but at the same time with the taste and soul of the 70s.


The first single is a hard-rocking, intense industrial version of Björk’s 1995 hit “Army of Me".

All three singles and full-length videos are available now!!

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Performing Live with UnZepped and Legends Of Classic Rock  

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More Videos Here! 

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